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Beginner's Courses | Apnea Total Freediver

Freediving is both, a fascinating, physical journey through the three-dimensional space of the element water, as well as a life-changing, mental or even spiritual journey to more self-confidence, greater mindfulness, inner peace and much more. A beginner course is the first step resp. fin stroke to explore the underwater world safely, efficiently, calmly, under your own power and with just one breath. It is designed for people without any experience in freediving as well as for those with experience who have not yet enjoyed any formal training (e.g. spearfishermen). You have the choice between the comprehensive Freediver course from PADI - the world's leading diver training organization - and the Cenote (Open Water) focused Freediver course from Apnea Total - an organization purely dedicated to freediving.

Covered disciplines

Free Immersion; depth, by pulling on rope

Constant Weight; depth, with fins

Maximum depth

21 meters / 70 feet


3 days

Option Express: 2 days


  • Introduction

  • Breathing

  • Basic Physics and Physiology

  • Pressure compensation

  • Rules and Safe Practices

  • Skills

  • Equipment

  • Disciplines

  • Your Buddy = your Safety Diver

  • Hypoxia

  • Rescue Procedures

  • Some Pranayama exercises

Certification requirements

Rescue from a depth of 6 meters


In a Cenote of the Mayan Riviera; whenever possible, each course day takes place in a different one.


  • Receipt of electronical certification card upon successful completion (does entitle to autonomous freediving with a buddy)

  • Access to the Apnea Total platform and course documentation

  • Professional instruction & safety

  • Rental equipment

  • Transfer from one of our meeting points*

  • Entrance fees

  • Drinking water (BYO bottle)

  • Snacks

  • Local lunch on the last day


  • 15 years of age

  • Able to independently swim 200m, with or without fins.

  • Forms completely & correctly filled out

  • Full payment by course start

*Hereby we declare the transport explicitly as gratuitous service and exclude an individual pick-up.

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