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Signification of our logo and name



Our logo is made of the geometrical figure "Icosahedron". It is a polyhedron with the greatest possible symmetry. It consists of twenty equilateral triangles as faces, thirty edges and twelve corners, in each of which five faces meet. It is one of five so-called Platonic solids, after the Greek philosopher Plato (ca. 427-347 B.C.). He described them in detail in his work Timaios. He incorporated the Platonic solids into his philosophical system by assigning them (except the dodecahedron) to the four elements: the icosahedron was associated with water, the hexahedron with earth. Fire stood for the tetrahedron, air for the octahedron. According to this theory, the dodecahedron could be equated with the fifth element ether, postulated by Aristotle.


In latin Aqua stands for Water and Aer for Air. These are the two absolutely essential elements for Freediving, but also of great importance for Snorkelling and Seatrekking. We've integrated both in the latin word Aquarius.

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