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My name is Dino,

my zodiac is Aquarius

and I am an Aquaman.

I was born 1984 in the wonderful capital city of Switzerland (Berne not Zurich ;-) and ever since my childhood I've felt deeply connected to the element of water. Probably it all began with holding my breath in the warm water of the domestic bathtub and soon after in the cool floods of the neighbouring river. The experiences at, and especially "in" said river have been accompanying me over my whole life and I always return yearningly, be it physical or only in my mind (i.e. as a visualization technique when doing static apnea). At age 20 during a stay abroad in Australia I got my scuba dive certification and right afterwards had the pleasure to enjoy the biodiversity and beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. For a long period to come I was just a "holiday diver", until in 2016 I got trained as PADI Divemaster in Utila HON.

Many years and said training were needed, to reach epiphany and admit to myself that an office job in chilly Switzerland can not be the fulfilment and meaning of my life. And so in 2017 I emigrated with a suitcase full of clothes and a head full of ideas. I spent nearly two years in Colombia and from there also travelled to Ecuador, Panama as well as the ABC islands. In Curaçao I even had the chance to follow my calling as dive guide for some time.

It was 2018 in Colombia where I re-discovered my interest in Freediving after a first introductory course (AIDA *) back in 2015 in Ibiza ESP. Funny enough this wasn't at the sea, but in Medellín, a city in a valley of the Andean mountain range. After that beginner course (AIDA **) I was on fire (resp. under water ;-) and felt the call to pursue this highly fascinating and extremely diverse sport without compromise. Due to a previous trip as well as recommendations of my previous instructors, I got drawn to Mexico to the Riviera Maya, where in 2019 I passed all levels of training (AIDA ***, SSI Level 3) up to PADI and Apnea Total Freedive Instructor.


Due to my passion for freediving in the mysterious, unique Cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula, the decision was obvious to settle down in cozy Puerto Morelos, south of Cancún, and offer my services here. By the way, I am the first and only German-speaking freedive instructor in Mexico!

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