Terms & Conditions

Even if only the masculine designations are used in this text for the sake of simplicity, the feminine as well as gender-neutral forms are always implicitly meant.


  • With the written (email, letter etc.) or verbal (phone, in person etc.) acceptance of the offer by the customer, a contract between the customer and AQUAERIUS Freediving is concluded.

  • The present terms & conditions are applicable to this contract, the content of which is implicitly accepted by the client with the first payment (deposit or full payment).

  • Exception: In case of travel arrangements or individual services of other organizers, we act as an intermediary and their respective contract conditions apply.

Terms of payment

  • No later than 7 days after the conclusion of the contract, i.e. the acceptance of the offer, the client is required to pay a deposit of 20% of the total amount, with a minimum of USD 40, to our bank account specified in the offer.

  • The balance is due 24 hours before the activity and can be paid either by bank transfer in US Dollars (USD) or in cash in Mexican Pesos (MXN), at the current exchange rate.

  • Exception: In the case of multiple-day tours with overnight stays organized by us, i.e. travel arrangements, the final payment is due 30 days before the start of the trip.

  • If the client does not pay the deposit and/or the balance or does not pay according to the agreed payment terms, AQUAERIUS Freediving is entitled to withdraw from the contract without setting a deadline and to charge the client with the withdrawal costs.

  • Bank transfers in Euros (EUR) as well as Swiss Francs (CHF) are also possible - please inquire for specific prices.

  • All fees incurred (bank charges etc.) are to be covered by the customer.

  • Upon request, we will be happy to check the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as an alternative means of payment.

Booking confirmation

Immediately after receiving the deposit, AQUAERIUS Freediving will send the client a booking confirmation as well as any additional information, course documents, itineraries etc.

Pri ces

  • All prices on the English language website of AQUAERIUS Freediving as well as in our documents, offers and confirmations are in US Dollars (USD).

  • For offers in Swiss Francs (CHF) the current daily exchange rate is used.

  • In general, our prices are very consistent - however, we reserve the right to adjust our prices at any time and without prior notice; this is especially true in case of unforeseeable, increased or additional external cost factors.

  • In the event of a subsequent price change, we undertake to inform the affected customers immediately.

  • With the exception of travel arrangements, price increases from the 14th day until the start of the activity are ineffective, i.e. will be covered by us.

  • For price increases before the 14th day, we reserve the right to make a possible additional charge. If this should amount to more than 10%, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without fees.

  • Tips are generally not included in our prices.


All our services include professional instruction and/or guidance as well as safety, rental equipment, free transportation from the school/base to the cenote and back, entrance fees, drinking water, snacks and a local lunch. Our courses and trainings also include certification and dive insurance.

Cancellation policy

In principle, the customer can cancel the contract at any time before the start of the booked activity. If he does so, AQUAERIUS Freediving can claim compensation for the arrangements, expenses and efforts. These costs and fees will be charged directly to the client. The date of receipt of the written cancellation notice by AQUAERIUS Freediving is decisive. Cancellation fees must be paid within one week.

  • Until the 14th day before the activity a cancellation is free of charge (excl. possible refund fees).

  • From the 13th to the 7th day a compensation of 20% of the total amount, but at least USD 50, is due.

  • From the 6th to the 2nd day this is 40%, but at least USD 60.

  • From the day before the activity as well as in case of no-show at the activity, a compensation of 60%, but at least USD 70 of the total amount is due.

  • Exception: For travel arrangements, individual regulations apply, which are specified in more detail on the offer.


All insurances are strictly the responsibility of the participant/customer. As a voluntary additional service, our courses as well as our trainings (when booking at least two sessions), include the insurance "Student Diving Accident Protection" of Divers Alert Network (DAN) resp. International Diving Assurance Ltd.

Cancellation by organizer

AQUAERIUS Freediving can terminate the contract without notice and claim the full service price for the following reasons, among others:

  • In case of force majeure = an irresistible force or unforeseen event beyond the control of a state making it materially impossible to fulfill an obligation.

  • If the terms of payment are not met by the customer.

  • If the customer, for behavioral reasons, disturbs the activity persistently and/or harasses other participants.

  • If the customer acts negligently and/or endangers or even injures himself or others.

  • If the client behaves contrary to the contract to such an extent that the immediate cancellation of the contract is justified.


  • We hereby disclaim all liability in connection with our services to the fullest extent permitted by law.

  • By participating in our activities, the client implicitly waives any legal claims, lawsuits or any form of compensation or remuneration as a result of an incident or accident.

  • Freediving (apnea diving), like any other activity in and specifically under water, is a potentially dangerous activity.


  • Courses: We do not allow unregistered, non-paying listeners resp. spectators, such as partners, companions or colleagues, to attend theory or practical classes.

  • Trainings & Tours: On request (min. 48h before the activity) we will check the possibilities and costs for participation as passive spectator i.e. from land or active spectator i.e. in the water.

  • If the participant starts an activity and stops it at any time for non-medical reasons, there is principally no right to a refund or substitution.

  • If the participant interrupts an activity for medical reasons, a medical certificate from a regional physician must be presented to verify any refund or substitution.

  • The gratuitous transport service included in all our activities, always applies from and to our freediving school (base). An individual pick-up by us is excluded, but can be organized on request for a fee via a third-party provider.


  • When we refer to the Riviera Maya, we mean the mainland coastline from Cancun to Chunyaxché (Muyil) and explicitly exclude all other locations north, south and west of this section, as well as all islands and the Sian Ka'an Peninsula. Upon request, we will be happy to clarify the possibility and cost for freediving & snorkeling outside of this defined zone.

  • When we talk about Yucatán, we mean the state of Yucatán. For one-day tours to Yucatán we limit the maximum driving time per way to 2½ hours. Upon request, we will be happy to clarify the possibility and cost of freediving & snorkeling outside of this defined time period. Exception: For travel arrangements this limitation does not apply.

  • Unless otherwise defined, a refund is always considered a credit i.e. a balance that can be used for future services.